Monday, February 18, 2008

Got a Blogger Issue? Known Issues can help

I see a lot of posts in the Blogger Help Group that could be easily fixed by visiting Blogger's Known Issues blog. There were a whole slew of updates posted last week, ranging from making the layouts screen work nice with the browser Safari 3.0, to changing the Template tab to the less confusing "Layout".

Why visit the Known Issues blog? When an issue is still open, you can easily report it right there on the blog. The top of the known issues blog contains a tag cloud of links to specific issue topics. You can also comment on an issue. The main page of the blog also contains a series of brief updates and listings of the latest issues. Temporary fixes are often posted to work around known issues as well.

Additional navigational features on the blog include the ability to sort issues by Outstanding, Fixed, and All Issues. You can also search the blog and subscribe to a feed.

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