Sunday, October 5, 2008

Marketing your podcast episodes

Blogger is a great tool for posting podcast transcripts along with old fashioned text posts. Podcasts can be hosted many places, but a greater concern is building an audience. How can you distribute your podcast episodes so people can find them in the first place?

There are many places besides iTunes available to podcasters. First, look for a niche distribution site. The web is a big place and chances are there are sites featuring podcasts on your favorite podcast topic. A second option is to cast the net a bit wider and use a site that hosts podcasts on multiple topics. A favorite site of mine is Sites like this often require a creative commons license, so be sure to read the fine print. They also typically have a way for listeners to donate, which can help defray costs. Another advantage of sites such as Podiobooks is if you don't see your genre or topic category represented, you can be the first pioneer. Another one to try is Podcast Pickle where you can share podcasts and vidcasts.

Just like you would with iTunes or a home grown distribution service (i.e. your web host) having several episodes lined up and ready to go is good karma. We listeners like to know there is more to come when subscribing to an audio or video feed. Be careful who you sign up with and read the fine print. And most important of all - Have fun. You'll meet new people and get feedback on your work.