Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Readers Rule

I have a confession. I love the Head First book series. I love it because when I read the books, they make me feel like it is all about me, the reader. I Rule!

Guess what? That is totally the goal of Bates and Sierra. They take conversational writing to a whole new level. They never forget that it is always about you, the reader. Not them, not a sacred principle of programming, the person reading the book.

It's easy to get caught in writing mode, to forget the book is a two way conversation. My role as a writer is to be your guide, to make suggestions, give hints, to say, "Hey look at that rockin' widget! Let's make it even better!". That's what it's really all about.

My goal for the Blogger book is to give you the tools and know how you need to make your blog a success. You can take or leave whole sections of the book. That's OK. I'm trying really hard to fill the book with stuff you'll want to try. It's not really a book about beefing up Blogger. It's about making your Blogger blog kick ass.