Friday, January 18, 2008

Analytics and you

Google Analytics is a handy way to measure the success and effectiveness of your site. You can view many types of reports and track ad campaigns. AdWords customers have it easy. Google automatically sets up campaign goals for any bought AdWords in Analytics.

Using Analytics is a lot like experiencing the ocean. You can drift on the surface and enjoy many benefits, or dive deep for adventure and hidden treasure. Just as diving in the ocean requires special equipment, using the full potential of Analytics takes time and training. I was talking to my aunt yesterday, a former VP of Marketing for She mentioned to me that in Marketing it is important to specialize. If you are not an Advertising or Marketing person, or if this whole advertising thing is brand new to you, the advertising portion of Analytics can be confusing and intimidating. I'll be going into detail about goals, funnels, and campaigns as well as the various dashboards available for Analytics users over the next week.

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